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GOMUBAND is an acoustic guitar duet that is made by Kim Young Ju and Kim Young Jo in 2001.
They play peaceful music with eazy melodies.

Year 2001
These two people were talking about new styles of music in a bar. they were confused.
"What is the true music?  What is the real music?"
In these days usually for young people, dance music was totally popular in Korea.
"Let's produce some happy and peaceful types of music for good-natured people!"
Young Ju Shouted.
Classic guitarist, Kim Young Jo agreed with his idea.
They have tried many different styles of guitar music for 4 years.

Year 2005
Their dreams came true.
GOMUBAND have made a new type of music called HAPPY MUSIC that is made up with the pop guitar style and classic guitar style.
They have made three new music.
They uploaded their music in their website in NEW AGE website.
Many people were amazed and suprised by their new music.
They soon started to visit the website and wrote some comments about GOMUBAND's music.
"Thanks for your music."  "I felt happyness and thanks very much."
GOMUBAND made the emotional music for people who lost their dreams.
GOMUBAND wishes people to become happy with their music.
The Korean word 'GOMU' means rubber. Namely, a 'GOMUBAND' is the same as a rubber band.
We hope for all the people to remember us in their hearts even if we are just a small band like a rubber band.
So, we named ourselves GOMUBAND.
We sometimes play our Happy music with other musicians flexibly like a rubber band.
GOMUBAND wishes our music to spread widely and elastically like a rubber band.
The social and musical activities of GOMUBAND have two courses.
The first course is to help unfortunate children in the world as well as Korea.
We'll participate in the events of the well-known organizations such as UNICEF
which has already been in actions for the poor.
As well, we will take part in wherever GOMUBAND can be of some helps for the needy children.
The second one is to spread the music of guitar everyone can enjoy easily and comfortably.
GOMUBAND is going to make techniques by which anyone can easily learn how to play
the guitar in order to give big pleasure in Music to all the people at Earth who live in the times
when people gradually get cold-hearted.

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